free résumé advice

    what happens?

    • we give personalized feedback on how to improve your content, organization and design
    • feedback comes no later than three days after you submit it
    • we neither sell nor share your information

    why do this for free?

    free advice might seem counterintuitive to our capitalist culture, but we believe in paying it forward, especially for people who might not be in a place to buy expensive services

    while some places have affordable rates for reviewing writing, such as for $22.90 and for $60, it seems wrong for other companies to charge over $100 for writing a résumé

    we welcome donations, though, and sharing your success story of our feedback on social media

    what’s microreader?

    microreader is a modern media organization started by a group of writers tired of companies screwing people over. like other tech startups, we’ll worry about the money later. check out more in our subsections